Thursday, December 27, 2018
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From June 1, ten online news sites, including Yahoo! Singapore, will be required to follow the same regulatory framework as traditional media. Local authority...

Hello there - just wanted to update you on my existing gig :-) Just in case you missed it, I am running the Jakarta Post's digital operation since July last year and now we already have two products: news and travel properties.

Yahoo is now labeling itself first and foremost as a "global technology company," in the place where it used to call itself a "digital media company".

ZDNet reveals that several Microsoft's job openings mentioning Blue for Windows 8, Windows Server, Windows Phone 8 and several Windows services

Starting today, will feature daily tech roundup. A friend will help me to write this summary, while I myself will keep writing regular posts. Thanks.

"It seems that there’s no shortage of excitement in the life of Budi Putra"

Turns out today's tech news is mostly discussing about Yahoo: Alibaba's ownership, a possible Hulu's acquisition and CEO replacement's rumor.

THERE ARE ALWAYS two questions are raised following someone's departure: Why and where to? The following is my answer and explanations.

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