Friday, November 27, 2015
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From June 1, ten online news sites, including Yahoo! Singapore, will be required to follow the same regulatory framework as traditional media. Local authority...

Hello there - just wanted to update you on my existing gig :-) Just in case you missed it, I am running the Jakarta Post's digital operation since July last year and now we already have two products: news and travel properties.

Yahoo is now labeling itself first and foremost as a "global technology company," in the place where it used to call itself a "digital media company".

ZDNet reveals that several Microsoft's job openings mentioning Blue for Windows 8, Windows Server, Windows Phone 8 and several Windows services

Starting today, will feature daily tech roundup. A friend will help me to write this summary, while I myself will keep writing regular posts. Thanks.

"It seems that there’s no shortage of excitement in the life of Budi Putra"

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