My new role at The Jakarta Post


Yes, I am just joining the Jakarta Post Digital, the online arm of the Jakarta Post daily newspaper.

The Jakarta Post’s online arm has welcomed a new CEO and CTO this month. Former Yahoo country editor Budi Putra joins the newspaper as the CEO of The Jakarta Post Digital while fellow former Yahoo Jimmi Kembaren has been appointed as the company’s new CTO. The two previously founded Peneroka together shortly after leaving Yahoo and currently still maintain it as an experimental entertainment, lifestyle, and reviews site.

Good thing is that I am still working at Viki :-)

Asked about his role at Viki, he said that he’s still a director at Viki and is still working on securing business deals for the Singapore-based on-demand video startup. He’s comfortable explaining his dual role which he said should not pose immediate or direct conflict of interest.

Multiple role is a common practice, let’s say, in Silicon Valley. I’m just following the trend… :-D

Source: DailySocial


  1. congrats for your new job budi,
    running 2 different company must be hard for ordinary people…
    i wonder…what is the secret to
    develop good content for website/blog

  2. Congratulations on the jobs you got, these companies are no joke. Viki seems to be a little too slow as far as growth is concerned. They should have penetrated the region earlier but even your neighboring countries are clueless about em. Maybe that’s where you’ll come in.. :) again congratulations!

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