Delivering “Notes from Asia” to readers all over the world, my mission is to share my love and knowledge of Indonesia, technology, and the Asian tech scene with the world. Through the creation of BudiPutra.com, named after myself, you can call me Budi, I’ve turned my skills as a former journalist into one of Indonesia’s top blogs.

After writing four books on technology, I turned my focus to blogging here. I’ve written for CNET Asia and SlashPhone in addition to holding the position of Country Editor for Yahoo! Indonesia and contributing to Indonesian print and digital publications. Now, after being named one of Indonesia Matters’ Top 3 Blogs in English and appointed as a juror for the Deutsch Welle’s International Blog Competition, I’m happy to be writing for my readers and myself, providing articles on Technology, Media, Science, Culture and Entertainment as it relates to Asia and our culture.

Currently I am working as Associate Vice President of Content, Bukalapak – one of Indonesia’s largest online marketplaces. My previous posts: Editor-in-Chief of Travelingyuk; Digital Media Advisor for PT Perfekta Megatama, Head of Digital PT Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), CEO for The Jakarta Post Digital and Director at Viki.

I’m passionate about the digital world and the evolution of blogging, technology, and digital media and I’m proud to represent the future, giving readers a glimpse into technology of the past and present as well as what’s to come.***



To contact me,  please email to budi [at] yahoo.com. You can also follow me on Twitter (@budip) and Facebook (budip). Check-out my Linkedin and About.me profiles! Or a Wikipedia page about me.



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