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Delivering “Notes from Asia” to readers all over the world, my mission is to share my love and knowledge of Indonesia, technology, and the Asian tech scene with the world. Through the creation of BudiPutra.com, named after myself, you can call me Budi, I’ve turned my skills as a former journalist into one of Indonesia’s top blogs.

After writing four books on technology, I turned my focus to blogging here. I’ve written for CNET Asia and SlashPhone in addition to holding the position of Country Editor for Yahoo! Indonesia and contributing to Indonesian print and digital publications. Now, after being named one of Indonesia Matters’ Top 3 Blogs in English and appointed as a juror for the Deutsch Welle’s International Blog Competition, I’m happy to be writing for my readers and myself, providing articles on Technology, Media, Science, Culture and Entertainment as it relates to Asia and our culture.

Outside of BudiPutra.com, currently I’m an Executive for The Jakarta Post Digital and Director at Viki. I’m passionate about the digital world and the evolution of blogging, technology, and digital media and I’m proud to represent the future, giving readers a glimpse into technology of the past and present as well as what’s to come.***

UPDATE June 15, 2015: I’m no longer with The Jakarta Post Digital. I am currently working as Head of Digital for RGE Indonesia  — a company that manages a group of world-class companies focused on the resource-based manufacturing industries. His main responsibility is setting up Newsroom to serve RGE Indonesia as well as their group of companies.


To contact me,  please email to bp [at] budiputra.com. You can also follow me on Twitter (@budip) and Facebook (budip). Check-out my Linkedin and About.me profiles! Or a Wikipedia page about me.






  1. Pakai WordPress [lagi] nih Pak…

  2. budip

    Iya nih. Thanks :-D

  3. Linda Hazis

    Dear Budi,

    My name is Linda and I’ve been following your blog for a while now and found your articles interesting and informative. It’s always great to read about social media practices and its effects and implications in Indonesia.

    I am currently working on a campaign for Sony 3D HDTV. We’ve made a few videos that I thought you and possibly your readers might find interesting and entertaining:

    Video 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj_ivw5PEzc

    Video 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2qFOjX1hAo

    Thank you very much. Again, please keep up the great work!

    Best regards,

  4. Salam Kenal Pak Budi..

    Banyak artikel bagus yang Bapak tulis.


  5. Salam Mas Budi, Thanks for the interview. Senang berkunjung ke blog ini.

  6. Mantap berkarya pak!

  7. Pertama berkunjung.Salam kenal.

  8. Salam kenal mas budi :)

  9. Hallo Mas Budi, salam kenal..
    Numpang mampir.

  10. Hallo Pak Budi, main-main malam nih, bingung mau comment dimana, postingannya Bhs. Inggris semua hehe, mantap lah, lanjutkan Pak..

  11. Salam kenal Pak Budi

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