Yahoo calls itself ‘technology company’, BlackBerry claims Z10 major success

It is said BlackBerry Z10 has already reached best performance in Canada and UK

Yahoo calls itself “Technology Company”

Yahoo today issued its annual 10-K report to the Securities And Exchange Commission. Yahoo is now labeling itself first and foremost as a “global technology company,” in the place where it used to call itself a “digital media company”. Like other corporate moves since Marissa Mayer has taken over as Yahoo’s CEO, it’s a small change, but it’s a symbolic and important one.

BlackBerry claims Z10 major success

BlackBerry’s Z10 is outselling the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III at a major Canadian retailer — and some sources have confirmed an even more important indicator of BlackBerry’s early success: Half of BlackBerry Z10 sales in Canada and one-third of UK sales have been made to users coming from other platforms. What’s more, one-third of Z10 sales in the UK, another key market for BlackBerry, have been made to customers who did not already own BlackBerry smartphones.

Meet Taiwan’s Cubie Messenger, yet another messaging app

After WeChat, LINE and KakaoTalk, we should welcome another messaging app from Asia. Founded by Cjin Cheng and Yenwen Feng, here comes Cubie Messenger from Taiwan. Since launching in March 2012, Cubie has been downloaded 5.5 million times, with most users based in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Cubie sets itself apart by giving users lots of options to generate their own content from a single screen, including drawings, voice messages, and animated stickers that they can purchase from Cubie’s in-app store.

Books section arrives at Google Play India

Google has just added books to Google Play for people in India. Books on Google Play now offers thousands of Indian titles, from new releases to classics. It’s easy to find great Indian authors such as Amish Tripathi, Devdutt Pattanaik and APJ Abdul Kalam, plus international bestsellers from the world’s largest ebookstore. With Google Play every ebook can be read on the device of consumer’s choice. And with books in the cloud consumer can read on the web, a phone, or a tablet and pick up right where they left off.

Thailand government launches mobile app for income tax submission

The Revenue Department (RD) Thailand will launch a mobile app for the submission of personal income tax by mid of March as the latest e-service for smart phone users. RD Director Satit Rungkasiri believed the new app will provide a more convenient mean for taxpayers and encourage them to adopt this channel to submit their tax information. The project started at the mid of 2012, and will now only be available for half a month before the deadline of the personal income tax submission at the end of March, according to him. No further information about mobile platform that has been supported.


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