Yes, I am leaving Yahoo!


THERE ARE ALWAYS two questions are raised following someone’s departure: Why and where  to? The following is my answer and explanations.

Why? I need more freedom to explore my thought and passion.

Where to?

  1. Basically, I want to return back to my ‘first love’: blogging! I will write to some tech blogs again, and run a blog-based media in Indonesia;
  2. I will help some startup companies as a consultant/advisor with a half-time basis;
  3. I will write a book on blogging and social media — yeah, this could be my 6th book!

I joined Yahoo! Southeast Asia for the first time on October 1, 2009 as Country Editor Yahoo! Indonesia. Working and living in Singapore for the first five months, my particular task is to build Indonesian Editorial Team. Returned back to Jakarta on February 2010, I started to hire some team member. At the same time, my fellow Yahoos, Country Manager Pontus Sonnerstedt and Country Head of Sales Brata Rafly, also started to build Sales and Marketing Team.

I am glad that I successfully bring Yahoo! News as one of the most top news sources in Indonesia; launch entertainment channel called Yahoo! Indonesia OMG!Yahoo! Indonesia Travel and supporting contents for microsites like World Cup Edition, Year In Review 2010, Ramadhan Edition, StyleFactor, Weekend Edition and Paling Indonesia.

On blogging thing, I have engaged some bloggers to write regularly for OMG, News and Travel. Last but not least, I was also credited as someone who lead Yahoo to Koprol’s acquisition last year.

Yahoo! Indonesia Team are growing very fast. From a service office in GKBI Building, then move to another service office in One Pacific Place, SCBD, Purple Team just moved to a new office: Sentral Senayan II. But at the same time, my mission at Yahoo! has accomplished. My last day at Yahoo! Indonesia is June 9.

Now, it’s time for me to move forward (thanks my wife Elvi Susanti for fully supporting my decision!).

A friend of mine told me, “That’s your destiny to be a pioneer! ” Yeah, I’m flattered. But, at the same time, that’s a challenge for me.

Hello blogosphere, here I come!

[Photo credit: Bernard Chaniago]


  1. Inspirated me, sir. My language not in english. But, yesterday I read on Yahoo News!, Indonesian have International Blogger and Be this job, a lifestyle.

    I have some question about idea, sir. How do you get idea about your topic in technology news? I passion with this topic, but not action because I always thinking.

    Where I get the resource about this and not copy paste post on the other blog?

    Thank you Mr. Budi.

  2. Terkadang orang bosan dengan pekerjaannya dan beralih ke pekerjaan baru. Namun tidak sedikit yang juga bosan tetapi tidak berani mengambil keputusan untuk beralih profesi.

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