Roundup: More on Windows Blue, A Thought of Founders as Company Builders

More information about “Blue” iteration of Windows family

Job opening confirms more information about Microsoft’s Windows Blue

ZDNet reveals that several Microsoft’s job openings mentioning Blue for Windows 8, Windows Server, Windows Phone 8 and several Windows services. Codename “Blue” will be about rapid iteration in Windows development, like every year. Microsoft officials have declined to comment on this matter, so it’s still out of the blue whether this Blue thing will be a refresh to current model (patches to Windows 8, for example) or basically a new software version, like Windows 9 after Windows 8.

Startup  founders evolution to be company builders

Leena Rao from TechCrunch posted an analysis about new trend. When previously it was entrepreneur/startup founders turn to be investors, the current trend shows those successful entrepreneurs still want to be involved into building new thing by becoming company builders — startup studio operates as incubator to create new startups. Fine examples include Betaworks, Bill Gross’ IdeaLab and Ev & Biz’s Obvious Corp. In conclusion, Rao analogized a thing from Rocky movie series: when Apollo Creed retired from professional boxing, but then decided to coach Rocky Balboa against Clubber Lang.

Mozilla won’t switch to WebKit

Following the announcement of Opera’s switching from Presto to WebKit engine, question arises whether Mozilla eventually will join the pack. Current WebKit users are Apple Safari and Google Chrome. Mozilla CTO, Brendan Eich assured that Mozilla won’t leave Gecko. Eich said the cost on switching is largely significant since Mozilla’s presence in desktop environment is huge, compared to Opera which has more significant domination in mobile. Moreover, Mozilla has already invested in XUL, own XML-based language for building user interfaces.

Mayer: Yahoo has nascent mobile revenue, AllThingsD digs in

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer reiterates that Yahoo has nascent mobile revenue and decline to unveil more detail about it. AllThingsD digs in and find out that Yahoo’s direct mobile revenue is “only” $125 million annually, mostly from search revenue on mobile devices. Compared to Google and Facebook, that amount is of course needs to be grew. One of the deal that recently struck is how Yahoo accommodates Google’s AdSense for mobile web display.

Taiwan’s Easycard, life on one card

BBC published an article about condition in Taiwan, where Easycard as all-in-one card is to pay pretty much everything. From transportation to pay the parking and even tightly integrated to personal credit card. Easycard is an RFID-based card, similar to the one in Hong Kong, Singapore or South Korea, and introduced in 2002. There’s privacy concern raised that Easycard maybe used to track people as the RFID system is deeply coupled with personal identity.


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