Bukalapak empowers mom and pop shops through O2O service

Achmad Zaky
Bukalapak founder & CEO Achmad Zaky

Indonesian online commerce company Bukalapak continues to expand its business and impact by offering offline services to small businesses in rural areas.

The company has started serving offline merchants who want to take their business online. Furthermore, Bukalapak has also been signing up warung or mom and pop shop owners to become O2O (Online to Offline) agents.

Fajrin Rasyid
Bukalapak co-founder and president Fajrin Rasyid

These agents help shoppers without internet access or those reluctant to make online purchases to order online products but pay in cash. Agents then use an online app provided by Bukalapak to buy from the company’s site, and earn a commission for each order they make. Last year alone, Bukalapak already had over 300,000 warung owners as agents, Bukalapak co-founder and president Muhammad Fajrin Rasyid recently told Bloomberg.

According to Co-Founder and CEO Achmad Zaky, the move is in line with the company’s mission to become a small business ecosystem.

“E-commerce is just one of our businesses,” he said while being interviewed recently on stage at Tech in Asia Tokyo 2018.

Bukalapak started off as an e-commerce company in 2010, but in the last few years it expanded into a number of different online services, most notably financial services like loans, credit and insurance, as well as mutual fund and gold investment products.


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