05 October 2015 — 07:10

Republik Twitter the movie

Movie-goers could enjoy #RepublikTwitter in Indonesia’s major theaters at February 16, 2012. Directed by Kuntz Agus and written by E.S. Ito, this movie will tell us a story on love and Twitter: what happens on Twitter should stay on Twitter.

The movie’s casts including Abimana Arya, Laura Basuki, Enzy Storia, Ben Kasyafani, Jennifer Arnelita and Tio Pakusadewo.

#RepublikTwitter’s trailer has started going viral among the country’s Twitter users and online community. Indonesia itself is the most Twitter-addicted nation on the planet, according to a study conducted by online research firm comScore.

Could this movie be the country’s box office then?


http://bit.ly/officialwebsiteRT (Official Site)
http://on.fb.me/republiktwitter (‘Like’ on Facebook)
http://bit.ly/republiktwiter (Follow on Twitter)


  1. Interesting and unique ever…. let’s waiting for it

  2. will it be like “social network (2010)”, can’t wait for it…

  3. Bsok da film pa lagi ? twitter udah trus Facebook udah trus pa lagi ya ?

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