YouTuber protests Indonesia TV for airing videos

YouTuber Martin Johnson
courtesy of Nextren

A YouTuber uploaded a video containing his advice on proper credit for TV stations when they aired the videos, local tech site Nextren wrote.

An expatriate living in Jakarta, Martin Johnson, uploaded a video to YouTube that give advices to one of the Indonesian private television stations, Trans7, on how to give credit for YouTube videos they use for their program called On the Spot.

Trans7 (formerly known as TV7) is a national private television station that is owned by Trans Corp.

According to Johnson, Trans7 already benefited from the video (like had some commercials on the program) and should give proper and complete credit, to include the name of the video maker, and not just putting “Courtesy of YouTube.”

“YouTubers have been working hard to create content,” said Johnson in Indonesian. Johnson himself has a YouTube channel called Martin Johnson. It was later known that Trans7 has aired his video without permission and even proper credit. He said he had watched the TV program, too. At least two of his videos were aired, he said.

“For those who agree with my concerns, please share my advice video for Trans7 broadly,” he said.


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