Wikileaks supporter Anonymous ousted from Facebook, Twitter


Looks like Wikileaks accounts on Facebook and Twitter are safe so far, but Anonymous’ Operation PayBack account appears to have been suspended from both services.

4chan-based group ‘Anonymous’ is a major supporter for Julian Assange’s whistleblowers organization. The movement describes itself as “an ongoing campaign by Anonymous against major anti-piracy & anti-freedom entities”.

From its Twitter account, @Anon_Operation, Anonymous recently informed that its Facebook page was just removed –following the take-down of the Visa website; later its Twitter account itself was also suspended — right after it tweeted a link to leaked MasterCard credit card numbers [both MasterCard and Visa recently suspended all donation payments to Wikileaks’ accounts].

Updated: Anonymous’s @Anon_Operation account is back!

Updated 2:  Cyber guru Jack Schofield tweeted: “Anonymous’s @Anon_Operation account, which was suspended then brought back, has been suspended again. Possibly an accident; possibly not“.


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