Watch out, Silicon Valley: China and India’s maneuver!


The Foreign Policy piece tells us how China and India will shake the world. They focused on educations and research & development first. China has built world-class universities, while India has $10 billion R&D industry.

The first generations of Indian startups focused on selling IT services, and the Chinese developed copycat web technologies such as Baidu, China’s Google rival, and Sina, its Twitter clone. But they are going beyond that now. They are gaining the knowledge — and developing the confidence — to create innovative products, not only for domestic markets, but also for global ones.


  1. How about Indonesia?
    Is it getting ready for much bigger expansion “competing” both countries?

    I cited :
    ” China built world-class university”
    even some Asian countries are also striving indeed for its “edu-prestigious”. Malaysia, Singapoire, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, even Indonesia are about in “battle” to gain highest position and put their name on top list flag on credible university ranking measurement such and even
    But let we see, the most important thing of generous education (in my opinion) are the
    1. Quality
    2. Its Dedication to Society
    3. Accessible (dealing with payment)

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