Top 5 reasons why you need video content


From interesting real-life experiences of people to the compilation of everybody’s favorite cat videos, everyone is constantly coming up with various ideas to come up with content. There are so many types of content that you could use, like GIFs, creative photos, stories with the best plot-twists, but the crown undoubtedly goes to video content. Here are 5 reasons why!

  1. Easier to Find with SEO
    When a video is published, it will have tags, metadata, keywords, and descriptions used by search engines (especially Google & YouTube) to provide the most relevant results for a search query. That means your content has a greater chance to pop up on the first page of a search. This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Embraced by Social Media
    With almost everyone using social media, it is no secret that it is the key to achieve successful digital marketing. With most of the social media now embracing and promoting video content, there’s a high chance that their charm is everlasting, or at least would stay for a long time. With 82% of users watching video content on Twitter, and Youtube videos being watched for more than 500 million hours each day video content is undoubtedly the king of social media right now. Not to mention that it also has a wider audience and easily catches the eyes–and eventually the hearts –of its viewers.
  3. Raises Your Traffic
    People will not quickly scan through your content and move on like they would with texts or pictures. People will take more time to watch at least some important parts of your videos. If your videos are interesting enough people will stick around and watch the whole duration or even switch to your other videos. When they spend more time viewing your content, search engines will recognize your site has trustworthy content and will affect your ranking in search engines.
  4. Great Influence or Impact
    Videos are a great way to showcase your ideas or products. Videos can bring life in a whole new way, it can give a certain sense of trust, reliability, and create emotional connections. Moreover, according to a Google survey, 68 percent of YouTube users watch videos to help them decide a purchase.
  5. Boost engagement
    In digital marketing, shares, reposts, and comments are important factors. In fact, social videos often generate 1200% more shares than even text and image contents combined. You just need to put something that will capture the attention of your audience and it will open a huge opportunity for engagement.

So now we know that video content equals plenty of engagement and many other perks for you and your website, we could all agree that video content deserves the crown as king. So what are you waiting for? Create the craziest and most creative ideas to capture the attention of the millions of viewers craving for more of your content on video!



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