Telkom wants more revenue from digital business


Telkom_indonesia_corporate_logoWith its money and infrastructure, Telkom should be able to do this, easily. Yes, easily!

Judging from the company’s previous and existing digital products’ perfomances, I think Telkom should try another approach instead: to find and hire outsiders to build their digital empire. And lets see how it goes.

Publicly listed telecommunications company PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) is stepping up efforts to expand its digital services in a bid to boost income.

Telkom acting president director Indra Utoyo said his firm aimed to maintain double-digit growth in its digital service business next year.

“We estimate that our digital service business will still grow by double-digits next year.

It will contribute 9 percent to our projected revenue total of Rp 100 trillion [US$8.2 billion] next year,” he said Tuesday after the launch of Jakarta Digital Valley, which is aimed at developing local Internet-based startup companies.

[Source: The Jakarta Post]


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