Starting a new day as a consultant for startups


TODAY IS A NEW DAY FOR ME. Landed in Singapore yesterday, I am officially starting my new gigs as one of post my Yahoo era‘s adventures: helping some tech startup companies as a consultant. Basically, these startups need my expertise on how to address Indonesian market.

I wrote this last month:

  1. Basically, I want to return back to my ‘first love’: blogging! I will write to some tech blogs again, and run a blog-based media in Indonesia;
  2. I will help some startup companies as a consultant/advisor with a half-time basis;
  3. I will write a book on blogging and social media — yeah, this could be my 6th book

And let me update about the progress:

  1. This is an ongoing processam learning the blogger’s applications now, then interview them and started building up the site.
  2. I am starting to assist some startups, will introduce its details later this week.
  3. Just found the scoop for the book. Will start doing research to gather initial data.

I will be staying in Singapore for a month — then going back and forth between Jakarta and Singapore.

That’s all at the moment. Until then, take care! :-)


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