@pulkam: Indonesian experiment on annual Eid exodus with Twitter and Vine


pulkam_Indonesian_Eid_exodus_by_Twitter_vineI was following closely on how a group of Indonesian Twitter users using micro-video Vine to share their experience during their trip back to their home towns to celebrate this year’s Eid al Fitr.

The initiative, called @pulkam, has been started since 2009,  and goes more beyond sending tweets and traffic information only.

The Daily Social tech blog wrote:

“The adoption of Vine among followers has also been beyond expectation”, Pinot admitted. “As a videographer and video geek, I’m very surprised. We couldn’t ask them to upload videos to YouTube before because mobile data connection in Indonesia simply wouldn’t support it but with Vine being so compressed and so small in terms of data usage, it makes things so much easier for them to share”.

The timing of Vine’s arrival couldn’t be better for @pulkam as Indonesians adopt smartphones in record numbers. Android is now the prevailing smartphone platform in the country and with Vine’s availability for Android as well as iOS, the shared Eid experiences become far more personal, more involved, and more real.

Good job, folks!

[Image credit: DailySocial]