Poki: the Netflix of free games


poki gamesSo here’s a cool find for you guys. Netflix is addicting in its own right- maybe that’s why we’re all still waiting for it! On some days, there’s nothing better than curling up with a tub of ice cream and your favorite series on portals like iFlix though, am I right?

Now, what if I told you guys that there’s a games portal that does the same thing Netflix does with series, except with games? Say hello to Poki games which, unlike Netflix, is totally free to use.

If you’re already a casual indie gamer, then you might already recognize the games on Poki from gameskeren.com and that’s because Gameskeren is now Poki, except cooler and more like Netflix. How, you ask? It’s simple

Just like Netflix gives you follow-up suggestions every time you log in, Poki gives you game suggestions they think you’ll appreciate the next time you want to play.

Both systems work with the same kind of  ‘algorithm’ so to speak. Most of you probably already know how cookies work, you know how some sites ask you to agree to the use of their cookies? It has something to do with that. Cookies allow websites to track your activity (in a non-invasive way) so that they can tailor your experience in a way that won’t leave you bored.

In Netflix, if you’ve been watching Blacklist for example, they’ll probably recommend that you watch White Collar next. At Poki, if you’ve been on to play some Minion games after watching the movie, they’ll probably recommend more movie-inspired games to play too. It all comes down to the joy of giving gamers a reason to stick around.

Are you game? Let us know which games you like the most.

– JvD


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