Mentoring Lenovo Do Network


I just took Lenovo‘s challenge to be one of their mentors for The Do Network project.

Together with Indonesia’s internet advocate Onno W. Purbo and scientist Nurdiansah, I am now starting to learn some submitted innovations for this project. Some cool innovations out there.

The Do Network from Lenovo is a platform for turning ideas into action. Every 90 days we’ll introduce a new theme, complete with challenges that push ourselves to do what has never been done before. We have a lot of ways for you to get involved and help push a project toward the finish line. You could win a Do machine or a $25,000 USD grant to help bring your idea to life.

Lenovo kicked-off this project last month in Indonesia, India and Russia.

Are you the one who invents and discovers something? Submit your dreams and ideas here!

Check-out Indonesia’s mentor profile videos (in Bahasa Indonesia):


  1. Dear Reader,

    We have participated in the above mentioned Do Network Challenge.

    Request you to Click on the Project Link and View the same, I am sure that you will like the project. If you like like then help us in taking the idea to next level.

    Project Name: APS – Alternate Power Systems—Alternate-Power-Systems.html
    Project Summary:
    The innovation deals with tapping of energy generated during movement of the automobiles ( Cars, Trucks, Tempo’s, Buses, 3 Seaters ) and utilizing the tapped energy by converting it as a 230 V Electrical Energy Supply. Trials for installation of these kits in 2 Wheelers are also conducted.

    Energy generated from movement of vehicles is tapped and stored in Auxiliary Batteries inside the vehicles which can be later utilized for powering Light or any 230 Volt appliances of upto 1000 watt through an allied connectors – cable.

    As per tests conducted, a single 4 wheeler can take care of 300 watt of Load ( Approx 10-12 ‘18’ Watt CFL bulbs ) for a duration of 4 –5 hours, this backup can be increased by using an battery of higher capacity and of a better composition like Lithium Ion , Lithium Polymer or by using power capacitors. Use of LED Lights is More Beneficial.

    Uses & Applications:
    – Home Lights & Appliances.
    – Bus Depots : Area Lights.
    – Park & Common Area Lights.
    – Factory Lights.
    – Societies & Business Parks Lights

    If you feel that the above mentioned projects once implemented will bring positive change in the world around us .
    Then be a part of the change by Voting for the Projects. You can Vote Once a Day & also forward / share this to your friend circle with your comments.

  2. Saya menemukan adanya kecurangan dalam voting project peserta lenovo do network indonesia,terutama yang memperoleh vote tinggi.

    Mereka menginformasikan link projectnya menggunakan spam dan tinyurl, ternyata mereka menyisipkan script yang dapat membuat auto vote ketika diclick, menurut saya ini ilegal, karena script ini jelas memaksa menambah vote tanpa perlu mengkilk tombol vote, dan bahkan hingga hari ini setelah saya coba akses link vote tsb masih bisa bertambah walaupun masa voting telah berakhir.

    ciri-cirinya adalah mereka yang mempromosikan projectnya menggunakan (xxxxxxx kode dari tiny url untuk menggantikan link script)

    kecurigaan saya adalah ketika peserta dari india mempromosikan projectnya dengan spam menggunakan tinyurl ke kotak komentar, setelah masa voting berakhir mereka mampu menghapus spam yang mereka kirim di komentar project orang lain, tujuannya untuk menghapus jejak mereka, ternyata tidak semua peserta mampu menghapus spam link yang mereka buat ini.

    Menurut saya dengan bisa menambah vote tanpa menekan tombol vote dan menghapus isi komentar di project orang lain adalah tindakan ilegal, dan kompetisi ini menjadi diragukan untuk penentuan pemenangnya.

  3. Terimakasih infonya. Hasil vote bukan menjadi penentu utama. Untuk memilih 10 besar, para mentor memberikan penilaian dan pilihannya sendiri. Jadi bisa saja yang votenya lebih banyak tidak masuk 10 besar.

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