KFC Japan offers a fried-chicken iPhone case!

This will make sure your iPhone doesn't bend.
This will make sure your iPhone doesn’t bend.

When it comes to the weirdest stuff, Japan is number one. Nihon wa ichiban desu! ;-)

Yeah, “Japan has always been popular for being technologically one step ahead the rest of the world, but …sometimes they went a bit too far with fantasy

Remember KFC Japan unveiled a fried-chicken keyboard, computer mouse and USB drive as part of Twitter contest a few weeks ago?

The fast-food chain company thinks that’s not enough, apparently. That’s why they offer a new giveaway: a giant drumstick of an iPhone case!

The case takes the shape of a big drumstick that has been dipped in batter and deep-fried into submission. It holds the iPhone 5S. A seam near the top appears to show where it separates in order to insert the phone. You can then grip the bone part of the drumstick and chatter away as if talking into a cooked piece of poultry were a natural thing to do.

The promotional materials show a happy KFC customer indulging in a cup of some sort of beverage while holding the giant case up to her ear. A chubby little cartoon Colonel Sanders lies on his side, laughing and holding his stomach at the absurdity of it all.

Take a look at their fried-chicken keyboard –it seems hard to use, right?

This is complete madness.
A fried chicken keyboard!

The promotion also offers a drumstick-shaped mouse:

A drumstick mouse!
A drumstick mouse!

And the last but not least, a fried chicken USB stick!

A fried chicken USB stick!
A fried chicken USB stick!

[Source: CNET]


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