Interview: Scoble expects more blogs to get acquired


Robert Scoble is one of a few Silicon Valley’s blogger celebrities. His blog, Scobleizer, came to spotlight during his tenure as a technology evangelist at Microsoft. He is currently working at  Rackspace – and also  “chief troublemaker” in the building43 community of Internet fanatics.

His book (with co-author Shel Israel), Naked Conversation: How blogs are changing the way businesses talk with customers, is considered as the “Bible of blogging”. And he is still blogging so far.  “Because I want to share what I see and hear with other people and blogging is still a great way to do that,” he says.

I met him in person at one tech event in Barcelona three years ago, and recently trying to keep in touch with him again. He just answered my questions on the future of blogging:

Some people say blogging is dead. What do you think?

Nope, it just is changing form. Twitter and Facebook are great but the aren’t a great place to write a 2,000-word-long article with some depth. Blogs are great places to do just that. Most of the stats show that blogging is actually continuing to grow both in numbers produced and readers.

Curation is the new blogging. Do you agree? Why?

Curation, or finding of other interesting things on the Internet to share with your friends, has always been a part of blogging. I don’t see that it’s more or less important other than the quantity of content that’s flowing across our screens continues to go up so we need trusted people to filter that for us and find us the good items.

In the future, do you have idea how people will consume digital content?

There will be more and more ways to get and consume digital content in the future, whether with new kinds of mobile devices or new kinds of games like Empire Avenue. Heck, even my Sony alarm clock lets me see items from Facebook and blogs.

Some big media companies purchase some big blogs. Will this trend continue?

People who create media properties that aggregate audiences create very real value. So, yes, I expect more bloggers to get acquired in the future.

Why do you still blog right now?

Because I want to share what I see and hear with other people and blogging is still a great way to do that.

I met Scoble at the Nokia World 2008 in Barcelona, Spain

[Photo sources: Wikipedia, Flickr]


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