Indonesian rapper Rich Chigga announces first U.S. Tour


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Jakarta-based viral rap sensation Brian Imanuel or Rich Chigga is finally coming to perform in America. He posted a tour flyer to his Instagram, and wrote: “Cant wait to breathe your air america.”

There’s more to Rich Chigga than people know. He’s actually a web comedian who began doing comedy on the internet and started rapping because he lost a bet to a friend of his. His first breakout record “Dat Stick” went viral and it was all up from there.

The video, which went live on YouTube on Feb. 22 2016, has more than 40 million views so far. TIME also wrote his story. The 17 year-old hip-hop sensation then also released two more songs.

akonkonnected wrote: “Growing up in Jakarta, Imanuel and his family have lived a modest yet liberal life. Born into the post-dictator, Suharto Year of 1999 Brian and his 3 siblings are of the first generation to have mostly unlimited access to the World Wide Web…Brian who has grown up home schooled, debatably because his parents are too busy with their business to commute as Rich claims.”

For those interested in seeing the “Dat Stick” rapper live in person, can grab their tickets now at ticketmaster

4/28/17 : Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy
4/30/17 : Orange County, CA @ Constellation Room
5/03/17 : New York, NY @ SOB’s
5/05/17 : Miama, FL @ Rolling Loud
5/06/17 : Todd Mission, TX @ Middlelands

Cant wait to breathe your air america.

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Go go Brian!


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