Indonesian animation goes international



While animation has a legacy in Japan and in the United States, Indonesian animation is also increasingly becoming popular all over the world.

The Jakarta Post reports, the US-based Pixar Animation Studios is interested in making an animated movie about Indonesian folklore, according to an Indonesian official.

Triawan Munaf, head of the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) and team have visited Pixar studios during President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s visit to the US last month.

“I hope Indonesian animators can play significant roles in this project, not only working on graphics but also in creating the concept for the animation,” he added.

In the meantime, animation studios in Indonesia have begun getting international projects.

This is due to the superb capabilities of the Indonesian animators, said Triharso, a Director of Electronics and Telematic Industries of the Ministry of Industry.


“The excellence of Indonesia can also be seen in the animation studios Indonesian animators are working in Malaysia. However, the Malaysia has given much more attention to its animation industry than Indonesia has,” he noted.

Global Indonesian Voices showcases some talented Indonesia animators include:

Rini Triyani Sugianto was one of the animation team members behind the movie adaptation of the popular comic series The Adventure of Tintin. She graduated at San Francisco and now she works for WETA, a renowned digital agency in New Zealand. Rini also plays a role in the production of Iron Man 3 and Avengers.


It started from a hobby, now Wira Winata is one of the prominent Indonesian animators. A graduate from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore,  he loved to draw cartoon characters during his teenage years.

Andre Surya is the first digital artist from Indonesia to be part of the biggest visual effects agency all over the world, the ILM studio located in Singapore. Andre was involved in many American high grossing movies such as Terminator, Star Trek, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Iron Man 2.

Coming from the family that is passionate in music, Marsha Chikita Fawzi was once employed as a trainee at Led Copaque Production. She returned to Indonesia to manage her own animation company.

Michael Reynold Tagore works in a New Zealand renowned digital company, which is part of the production team for the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Iron Man 3. He works as a texture artist for the two movies.

Ridwan Chandra, an Indonesian computer graphic artist, also participated in creating Star Wars. Now Ridwan works for the agency behind the Star War franchise, the LucasArts.

Other talented Indonesian animators who made it to the international scene include Griselda Sastrawinata, Pamela Halomoan as well as Ronny Gani. Go Indonesian animators go! :)


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