Do you have a bad laptop and you haven’t made any money with it yet?


Make money with laptopLet’s face it, we tend to forget that the durability of our consuming goods is getting worse in our accelerated world. Sometimes we just think about our previous phone or our good old car which lasted much longer than we expected. It is definitely not a coincidence. Mass production and depleted minerals, stricter environmental regulations have also led to a deterioration in the durability of products. On the other hand, we can also talk about the planned limitation period, because economic growth needs to be maintained. We need a new phone or laptop for an ever-shorter period of time.

Are we sure we have to give up on what went wrong?

Mostly, we don’t! Nevertheless, sales numbers are growing rapidly at a faster rate than population growth would dictate. The Asian market sells roughly 7% more laptops and tablets than in the previous year. It has two possible reasons: First,  sales of desktop computers are decreasing and portable devices are gaining ground. This trend has been increasing for 10 years. Also, there is a growing need for replacements of these gadgets. It is a huge market and with the purchase of new devices, the sale and servicing of used devices have become an ever-growing and thriving business.

Soon, we will discuss how you can be a part of this.

The problems that make us give up on our old laptop are usually easy to handle.

The 7 most common reasons people buy a new laptop

Heating and noise

In most cases, the cooling of laptops is designed as follows; a heat sink layer – mostly a copper plate – is placed on the processor and this surface is cooled by a fan. This solution is similar to desktop computers, but here, the engineers need to solve it in a much smaller place. There is also a heat conducting grease between the processor and heat sink layer, which causes to transfer as much heat as possible to the copper plate. Although, this grease happens to dry out in 1-2 years and stops transferring heat properly. Thus, the processor begins to heat up and signals the fan to run at higher speeds. This is when the noise begins. When the fan is no longer able to cool the processor enough, our laptop starts to slow down. Replacing the fan and the heat conducting grease is possible in a service shop or we can do it ourselves at a very low price with half an hour of work.

Soon, I will talk about it.

BSOD – Blue Screen of Death

This error can be occurred by the hard disk drive (HDD) sometimes. First of all, defragmentation of the disk might help and all the modern Windows operation systems can do it. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you should replace the HDD. If there is a common HDD in the laptop, then it is advisable to switch to a solid-state drive (SSD) which gives us a significant speed increase.

The other possible reason for BSOD maybe the memory module. If we have an opportunity, we should check these as well. Many software can help us, but checking manually can often be successful because quite often we just have to move the modules a bit. In more difficult cases, sadly, they need to be replaced. Fortunately, all the necessary equipment can be found in stores or on the Internet for this operation.

Broken hinge

The display is usually attached to the laptop with 2 hinges. If we don’t try to open it right in the middle, these hinges are constantly rolling from the motions. After a while, they break off from this enforcement. Mostly the bushings at the bottom of the case tend to break, not the hinge itself. The replacement of the case is a bit harder because most of the time we have to remove the motherboard as well. This is an hourly work to a specialist.

Display error

It is a common error if some pixels are no longer lit on the screen or the display is smudged. Although the problem seems large, we still don’t have to give up on repairing the machine. In fact, it is, even more, easier to repair than a broken hinge. The display is held under a cover by a few screws, so if we remove the cover and the screws, in a few minutes, a completely new display can be inserted into the machine. 

Power-supply charging fault

Perhaps this is the rarest error on the list. The charger is plugged into the laptop, but it doesn’t charge and the machine cannot be turned on. It’s very annoying. This problem seems surely unsolvable but actually, this is a very low budget repairing within 5-10 mins. The connector head is plugged into an approx. 2-centimeter adapter part and this supplies power to the motherboard. This rarely goes wrong. Replacing it takes only a few minutes and its part is also very cheap.

Battery error

Depending of usage, battery life is usually 2-3 years. After a while, they can operate our machine for less and less time. Replacing the battery is only 1 minute. This part is located on the outside of the laptop and can be removed by pulling a latch and so the new part can go in. It is really simple.

Keyboard problem

Keyboards only guarantee operation for a limited number of keystrokes. After that, some keys won’t work. Sometimes the careless owner pours the drink on the keyboard so the buttons get stuck. Replacement of it is a 4-5 minute operation and we don’t even have to disassemble the laptop very much.


If you want to buy a new laptop because of any of these errors, my opinion is: not to do so. For a fraction of the price of a new machine, you can use services or you can fix it or upgrade it yourself. After that, it’s your decision whether you want to sell it at a better price than if you thought it was bad or keep using it. 

And here comes the part you were waiting for while reading the whole article!

Many specialists earn a high income from buying laptops, tablets or gaming consoles that the owners thought were bad, so they can fix it or upgrade it with some time and a small amount of part cost. With this, they can achieve a profit up to 300-500%. 

And now let’s see my great news for you!

Easier said than done? You can do it with the help of Dave’s opinion blog! Dave will show you in a detailed article how you can fix your broken laptop yourself and how you can gain significant income by repairing secondhand stuffs. Also, this is a wonderful thing as it can help to ease your eco footprint in the world, while you are doing useful work and making money. It is a fantastic combination and you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

— Dave



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