Disruptive technologies that are affecting incumbent industries in 2020


Since new technologies are implemented in products and services, companies have been able to increase customer satisfaction. As the demands of today’s customers are higher, companies are always looking to develop products that can reshape the market.

Emerging technologies indeed are helping companies to make customers happy. They have changed the way organizations operate and how people see the world. But, as they are creating a whole new market, they have caused a massive job disruption.

Many workers have lost their jobs because their skills have become obsolete. As companies are promoting human-robot work environments, the need for employees with tech skills has increased. 

This article will allow you to know how new technologies are disrupting incumbent industries. As a result, you’ll be able to identify what you need to meet employers’ requirements and stay relevant, so you won’t lose your job, and you’ll be ready for coming challenges. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are some of the most disruptive technologies these days. They have been implemented by many organizations in several sectors, from the healthcare industry to the automotive and travel sectors. They have changed not only how companies build products but how organizations provide services.

World-class companies like Google and Netflix have used machine learning to improve their products. For example, Netflix uses machine learning to analyze content searched by users to provide suggestions they are likely to watch. 

Since streaming services are providing more personalized experiences, they have become more popular. Traditional TV companies are being left behind, and an impressive amount of employees are losing their jobs.

Google’s Gmail uses machine learning algorithms to allow users to give quick responses. The systems can “understand” what an email says and provides you with accurate options to reply. But, Gmail not only uses machine learning to give quick responses. Also, while composing a new email, users can receive suggestions while typing. It allows you to write a full new email within seconds.

In the healthcare industry, AI-powered robots are helping doctors to implement best practices. As they can analyze previous procedures, doctors can save more lives by improving their techniques. Furthermore, machine learning is being used to develop virtual nursing assistant apps. They won’t replace nurses at all, but these systems can monitor patients’ health to help doctors give more accurate diagnoses.

Companies like Tesla are using machine learning to provide customers with unique driving experiences in the automotive industry. By implementing machine learning algorithms, the company has allowed its vehicles to learn how to drive. Customers can now enjoy a trip without putting their hands on the wheel. And, since Tesla’s cars can auto-park, their customers are happier as parking is no longer a challenge.

Tech talent with machine learning skills is in demand these days. As they can help companies to create innovative products, they have become indispensable to attract customers. Python is a beginner-friendly tool that’s among the easiest programming languages to learn. As it has a huge community that’s always willing to help, it’s an excellent tool you can add to your skillset.

Learning Python will allow you not only to create smart solutions but also to analyze and interpret data. Today, several online bootcamps offer Python courses, but Springboard will meet your requirements if you have a busy schedule. The company provides online courses that will allow you to learn enterprise-level skills in only six months. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality have indeed changed how people see the world. They are helping organizations to provide immersive experiences that make customers feel engaged. Virtual reality has been used to take gaming to a whole new level. Companies like Sony have developed very realistic games where users enjoy mind-blowing experiences. 

An excellent example is the PSVR game Resident Evil 7. With its great visuals, the game allows users to disconnect from the real world and immerse themselves in a scary digital environment. In the travel industry, virtual reality enables hospitality companies to provide customers with very realistic tours before heading to their destination. In that case, they can improve their customers’ attraction strategies as guests will see what the destination is like.

In the retail industry, augmented reality has become popular to enhance marketing strategies. As customers can see how a product fits in a specific room, they can decide whether to buy it or not. Other companies like Sephora allow their clients to “try on” products. Sephora’s virtual artist enables users to get a 3D preview of how makeup products look on them. Consequently, Sephora has been able to reduce product returns.

Learning programming skills will allow you to create augmented reality and virtual reality solutions. It will help you not only to keep your job but to change your lifestyle. According to Glassdoor, a programmer’s salary is, on average, $76,526 per year in the US, so, what are you waiting for to learn new skills?

3D printing

3D printing has significantly affected the construction industry. Since companies like WinSun are building 3D-printed houses within 24 hours, they’ve been able to reduce labor costs. Fewer workers are needed to build 3D-printed houses as a giant 3D printer plays the leading role. 3D printing has also allowed customers to change their mindset.

3D-printed houses are way cheaper than dwellings constructed in the traditional way. Customers can now think about owning instead of renting. In the food industry, 3D printing is also playing an important role. As it’s highly customizable, it has enabled companies to provide more personalized eating experiences. 

BeeHex is a company that developed a 3D pizza printer that could serve pizza in any kind of shape. Since they are creating pizza slices with unique shapes, they’ve been able to transform the food industry. Some food companies like Perfect Day have already implemented 3D printing in their production processes. Given that, they’ve been able to reduce production costs and, in the case of Perfect Day, make dairy proteins without cows.


Emerging technologies are indeed disrupting incumbent industries and changing our future. But, as long as new vacancies are created, you have opportunities to get a new job. Employees with low skills are being left behind. For that reason, if you want to remain competitive, learning tech skills will be mandatory.    ~Artur Meyster


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