Backers from Indonesia on keezel’s Indiegogo campaign


Founded in 2015 by experienced entrepreneurs Aike Müller and Friso Schmid, keezel is an Amsterdam based company that helps Internet users enjoy their online freedom.

According to Schmid, they are currently raising funding on Indiegogo –and it’s going great. “We have quite some Indonesian backers and we know that VPN is really popular in Indonesia,” he said in an email correspondence.

Protection on WiFi networks now available for the non-tech savvy. Keezel works with VPN technology, “but we have made sure that it’s so simple that grandma can use it,” he said.

The co-founder claimed that keezel is the world’s first portable online freedom device. They partner with world class VPN providers with servers worldwide.

By using this portable online device, users could:

  • Stop others from seeing what you do online
  • Visit blocked websites all over the world
  • Watch the TV shows, sports games and other programs you love, but can’t reach
  • Secure all your devices with just one keezel, no installation needed
  • Be part of the worldwide keezel network, combining the best providers into the largest and most resilient VPN network
Working at a coffee table with MacBook & keezel
Working at a coffee table with MacBook & keezel

Check-out their press release:

Keezel reaches 100% of crowdfunding goal in 4 days

AMSTERDAM – In 4 days Amsterdam based startup keezel reaches 100% of their crowd funding goal of USD $60.000 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. More than 375 people backed the campaign since it went live on monday. A strong signal that people want a secure, free and open internet. With the raised funding, keezel can bring its product to the market. Although the campaign is already 100% funded, it will remain open for backers on Indiegogo for another 37 days.

“We believe that everyone should have access to secure, free and open internet, everywhere in the world and on any device. Security and privacy should be available for everyone, not just the tech savy. With the keezel we want to make a difference. Our campaign backers live all over the world and they are as excited about the campaign success as we are. With the funding of our backers we can bring keezel to the masses.” ~Aike Müller, co-founder and CEO of keezel

Keezel is the user friendly way to online freedom and privacy for all of us. A device designed in the Netherlands providing secured WiFi at the tap of a button. Using keezel, users can protect their online identity and activities with increased control over their own internet usage. Keezel safeguards personal and business data completely wirelessly. Also, most of us are addicted to TV-shows, sports games and social media but not all content is accessible everywhere, due to geographic restrictions. Keezel allows users to access online content wherever they are.

Photos courtesy keezel

keezel co-founders Aike Müller and Friso Schmid
keezel co-founders Aike Müller and Friso Schmid
keezel with Apple Tv in living room.
keezel with Apple Tv in living room.


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