AEC connect B2B network for the ASEAN Economic Community



With the launch of the ASEAN Economic Community on 31st December 2015, this has incentivized various countries within the region to increase its business transactions with each other. Under this economic agreement, which allows free flow of labor, capital, goods and services within the region, more entrepreneurs are starting to look beyond their scope of area and eventually expand their business.

However, this may seem daunting for many firms that do not have the exact information they need to succeed in other countries. With B2B Network AEC Connect, business owners are now able to find and partner up with more businesses across the region more efficiently.

What is AEC Connect?
The main idea of this Supplier and Buyer Directory was to connect different businesses within the region with each other, enabling companies to grow at a faster rate with the region steadily growing. With low to no trade barriers preventing any flow of trade, as a result of the tax-free trade area agreement, this idea was realized through this online platform, promoting regional trade while easing flow of goods within the region occurs.

With the trade opening of various countries, it is becoming more attractive for companies to build partnerships with other firms from neighboring nations within the region as more choices and opportunities are available for firms to choose from. Through this online platform, firms or individuals of any type of business can start finding and connecting with potential business partners that are suitable for them immediately.

Potential Business and Partners
Understanding that different type of businesses requires different type of business partners, this B2B directory have encompassed various business sectors into one website. By categorizing it into 4 sections with various categories within each section, this allows business owners to directly search for the exact company or product more effectively. These sections include Products, Logistics, Tourism, and Job. With this, companies would no longer need to shift through various websites to find the required information, allowing more time to be allocated elsewhere.

Products, Logistics, Tourism, and Jobs
With the opening of various countries through the free flow of goods, services, capital and labor, the market scope of all business have expanded to include over 600 million individuals within the region. Along with this, due to the formation of a single market, having a trustworthy partner for any logistics issue is essential as trading within the region is expected to increase. With more business opportunities in ASEAN, having specific sections that can specifically address each firm allow a more efficient partnership formation.

Not only can entrepreneurs use this B2B directory to find potential business partners, businesses can also place listings on the website. However, not only limited to firms, individuals can also it to find a job listing or place one’s profile.

Through the establishment of an online business directory, finding suitable business partners are no longer an issue. With this ASEAN B2B – Supplier and Buyer Directory, maximizing a firm’s potential through accelerating the process of forming business partnerships in AEC is now possible.


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