3 simple approaches to be a digital talent ready in the disruptive era

LinkedIn Learning

With the increasing demand of being ready to face modern challenges today is to simply understand the right way to allocate our time to learn modern skills. My statement will be not sufficient If I am not making my own current career with this type of mindset.

I am making lots of attempts to be able to shift from the pre-digital era to fully submerge into the deepest root of digital business. But I will gladly share with you my tips, a very simple set of mindsets for every learner, regardless if you are a student, jobseekers, or professional who likes to enrich the modern skills, especially digital related skills.

  1. Empty your ego of knowledge & experiences

Many people I saw during my journey of career, which has a solid ego of their knowledge and experiences, fail to understand the rapid and dynamic change of the modern era. They think what all they know and experience will be relevant for like forever and after. But the bitter fact is, it is not. What’s changing in the digital era is more than we can chew, it is a sea of new knowledge for us. We need to be careful of our ego trap, we see lots of cases like Nokia, Blackberry, etc. We are pretty much sure we want to avoid the same mistakes. Empty your ego, empty your glass, start learning with the challenger mentality, starting from zero to hero.

  1. Tap into right sources of knowledge sharing & learning platform

The most beneficial situation in terms of learning in the modern era is the overwhelming resources of knowledge & information. That’s why the allocation skills of our time and attention need to be directed to the right resources. My usual approach for this is starting with legit sources like Microsoft or LinkedIn. You can just check Microsoft Learn or LinkedIn Learning platform to find your most suitable “in-demand” skill that will probably skyrocketing your career in the near future.

Microsoft Learn
  1. Do not be afraid to try, fail, and fail better

The last tip that probably I can share is fighting your own fear of applying the new skills. If you have a small heart to start bold, you can try to socialize with similar people who desire and pick the same skills. Go create a LinkedIn profile, and share the journey of learning with the right crowd. Microsoft also provides you with various activities you can join like Social Learning Challenge. 

I give you the small secret, LinkedIn data shows that Members with 5 or more skills listed are contacted (messaged) up to 33x more by recruiters and other LinkedIn members, and receive up to 17x more profile views. The job and opportunities are there waiting for you, go seize it!


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