12 tips for preparing your video for success

Rob from VidIQ
Rob from VidIQ

Since then I’m sure you’ve come up with some ideas, created some content, and now your video is ready to go live. What happens next?

Here’s Twelve Steps to Helping Your Video Crush It!

  1. Check your real time analytics and our best time to post tool to find the optimum publish date and time.

2. Your video should have been created with keywords in mind. Now use those keywords in your tags, video title, and description. Reinforce your topic over and over. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

3. The main keyword should appear in the title and you should include as many keywords as possible in your description, whilst still being natural, free-flowing sentences

4. As you complete your tags, title and description, our upload checklist will grade your SEO score to make sure your video has maximum discoverability.

5. Use vidIQ boost to get recommended tags and suggestions to further boost your video’s SEO.

6. Thumbnail tips:

  • Bright and dark contrasts between foreground and background
  • Make sure the thumbnail compliments the title rather than copying it
  • A human being with a reaction always helps, if it’s relevant
  • Text is not always required in the thumbnail, the title can do that.

7. Add video cards at appropriate times in your content to link to other videos you think the viewer may find interesting and relevant.

8. Always include a voting poll, they encourage a lot of engagement.

9. Always add videos to a playlist. When you post a link to the video, post the playlist link. Consider creating a new playlist for the video: to YouTube this is the same as uploading a video.

10. Include end screens to promote your content but keep your outro brief and to the point. Viewers can tell when a video is ending and switch off very quickly.

11. Make sure to share your content on other social media platforms and with communities you are a part of but don’t randomly spam it on Reddit.

12. Check back on the video within the first 2, 12 and 24 hours and reply to as many comments as possible to drive up engagement.

~ Rob from VidIQ (published with permission)


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