Your cell phone shows who you are


Yes, your cell phone shows your basic character. A survey has proved what pretty much everyone already knew: people are likely to base broad, stereotypical assumptions about you on your cellphone, just like they do with everything else you use and wear.

Here’s how mobile users tend to associate down under:

Nokia: Family-minded, middle aged managers, balance seekers, health conscious
Motorola: Fashion conscious, under 24, fun seekers, individualistic
Sony Ericsson: Ambitious young men, professionals, success driven, individualistic
LG: Favorite of mums, stay-at-home parents, success driven, harmony seekers
Samsung: Young women, career focused, success driven, fun seekers

Do you agree? Does it matches to you?

In my case, it really matches. I am using Nokia N73 and my previous phone is Nokia 9500 Communicator, and I think I am a family-minded person….

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