Yahoo’s maneuver in Southeast Asia


THIS IS A MUST-READ PIECE from TechCrunch about Yahoo’s success in Southeast Asia. Understanding your market, that’s what we learn from Sarah Lacy‘s conversation with Michael ‘Smitty’ Smith, Yahoo‘s Director of Global Inisiatives.  That’s an educational piece for those outside of Asia.

Silicon Valley and Wall Street both bash Yahoo a lot these days, but if there’s one place the company has excelled it’s in Asia. Its Alibaba investment alone is one of the best deals made in the Chinese Internet, and Yahoo Japan is propping up even more of Yahoo’s stock price. Yahoo also has local portal strongholds throughout Southeast Asia, including Indonesia where it has also been one of the most aggressive Valley companies – employing more local staff than competitors and even doing the first Valley-acquisition last spring with a location-based services company called Koprol.

[Disclosure: I am working at Yahoo!]


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