Yahoo’s strategy for the Social Web in 2010


GigaOM wrote an interesting piece about Yahoo’s social web strategy for 2010, based on interview with Cody Simms (Director of Product Management for the Yahoo application platform) and Chris Yeh (head of the Yahoo developer network) recently.

Some key points:

Yahoo wants to aggregate its users’ activities from around the web. The Facebook Connect integration is the first in a string of coming deals with other social sites.

What about integrating with Yahoo’s own services? Yahoo Updates would be the center of Yahoo’s new open social strategy, which consists of activity streams shown in Yahoo Mail, on its front page, in Yahoo Messenger clients and on its toolbars.

Right now the people you see in your Updates are those with whom you have explicit Yahoo Connections. Next the company will add in your Mail and Messenger contacts.

Yahoo plans to start allowing comments on its incredibly popular News, Finance and Sports sites.

[Diclosure: I’m working at Yahoo!]


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