World’s most effective URL shortener: http://to./


Yeah, it doesn’t look like a valid link but OMG TRY IT. Just visit http://to./ then type your long URL on the box provided and click on Shorten that URL; or like my colleague Harry Sufehmi suggested, just type http://to./[your long URL] on the browser’s bar!

Your call! :-)


  1. anyway you got the link wrong. this is the right link :-)btw when I tried the URL shortener it display an error that too many request at the moment which may mean that many people are actually using it. :-)

  2. sayangnya kalau di twitter (web) kadang url ini tidak dikenali sebagai URL pak, tidak clickable.

  3. Itu masalahnya twitter :) code yang mendeteksi & membuat link menjadi cllickable tidak conform dengan RFC, he heDi Facebook, ini no problem, langsung terdeteksi benar sebagai link yang valid :)

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