WidSets: Get breaking news on the go


How often do you wish you had access to your favorite websites and weblogs from your cell phone? Wouldn’t you like to stay on top of things all the time, anywhere? Wouldn’t you like to receive breaking news from the BBC or CNN websites, the tech column for WSJ.com or the latest reviews and tips and tricks from prominent tech blogs like TechCrunch and LifeHacker?

Actually you can already do that using your cell phone. But we have all had the frustrating experience of browsing the web via traditional or optimized phone browsers.

When you want to open a website, for example, you should type in the URL or pick it up from the bookmark; and, if you want to visit another site, you need to open New Window on the browser; and so on.

The problem is, if you need to open a bunch of sites and blogs, you quickly become exhausted dealing with the number of browsers’ windows in your cell phone. It’s also not easy to return back to the desired sites and you’ll need to refresh them manually in order to get the latest updates.

But there is a solution: you can use a mobile application called WidSets. You can get traffic alerts, news, blogs, reviews, weather reports and loads of other stuff that you would normally get through a web service, without having to wade through hundreds of websites and weblogs.


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