09 October 2015 — 01:10

Why online video matters

Yes, video is the next big thing — in term of content. Video, in this sense I meant online video, is a luxurious content. Of course, visual thing is much more attractive than, for instance, text.

Since there are so many free video platform and distributions out there, and creating your own is not impossible anymore, why don’t you try to catch this opportunity? You can even sell your videos since many big publishers are seeking more original contents now.

You can be an instant “rock-star” if people love your video. And if you are smart enough to follow-up and ‘capitalize’ this, you can be a real rock-star. Someone will find you. Someone will hire you as a talent, musician, comedian, producer or even filmmaker!

Trust me.



  1. Yes I agree with you, with video more visitor keep watching your site and make you rank is increase..

  2. sekarang sudah ada perintis video blogging untuk iklan yaitu idblognetwork

  3. nice analysis

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