Why mobile blogging helps me most?


I’d just aware that I often rely on mobile blogging in maintaining this blog: while having a coffee or hang-out, business travelling, or even on my way home (thanks to my driver!).  I found that around 70 per cent of my previous blog-posts are coming from mobile blogging!

The reason behind this is simple: I always try to blog as soon as possible as I stumbled upon an idea.  Once I got the scoop, all I need is an instant Internet connection –and mobile phone is a “killer” device for this purpose.

Sometime when I skipped mobile blogging and try to reach a desktop, it doesn’t work. Yes, you’ve got it right:  when I got my PC at the office, my mood is not the same anymore, since I should catch-up with work’s emails and activities. When I got home, I prefer to enjoy browsing or checking my social accounts instead at my PC.

So? Mobile blogging still rocks! :-D

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  1. @silent: Yes, I finally switched back to WordPress since I need to more customizations for budiputra.com. But I keep maintaining budi.posterous.com :-D

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