28 August 2015 — 07:08

Why I switched from WordPress to Posterous?

My answer will be much more like a practical issue rather than a technical issue. Posterous really makes my blogging activity easier: updating post, uploading pictures or even commenting can be done just via e-mail. That’s a really magical platform, I must say.

For a blogger like me, having busy to upgrade here and there and experiencing security issues (like I had when using WordPress) is really wasting my time. All I need is writing and writing –no matter where, when and how. And now, I can do that easily, thanks to Posterous.


  1. Alderina

    Alasan yang sama denganku sewaktu migrasi ke posterous dari wordpress pak :D ribet maintenance-nya kalau di WP. Sayangnya di posterous kalau sudah posting nda bisa nambahin foto :(

  2. David

    Doesn’t it influence your blog PR, Pak Budi.Oh ya, I didn’t succeed in combining my wordpress-based blog with posterous, but after three months being confused with post via email feature on WordPress, now I successfully set this feature. I use a super secret gmail account to send a blog post. Isn’t is as practical as Posterous?

  3. Jarwadi MJ

    ya pak Budi, memang dengan posterous, semua terasa sangat praktis

  4. yakob cool

    yup you’re right.posterous is nice.but I also had a wordpress account here

  5. Hielmy Zaenun Nafsi

    yang paling saya suka dari posterous itu adalah image gallery-nya. uploadnya simpel, tampilannya sederhana tapi cantik.

  6. Eh sekarang sudah balik ke WordPress lagi :D

  7. I have never tried posterous but I do have some bad experiences with my other blog that uses wordpress platform since I receive so many spams.

    That’s why I stick to Blogger till now

  8. Lha ini, blog WP kan om?

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