What we learned from Singapore blogger mrbrown


A FEW DAYS AGO, I met with mrbrown –a “very talented man” (as  Singapore Prime Minister pointed-out someday) as well as an outspoken writer– at a coffee shop in the Suntec City Mall.

Mr. Lee Kin Mun — his real name– became a newsmaker in the country’s political scenes in 2006. In July, the Today newspaper suspended mrbrown’s regular column concerning the rising costs of living in Singapore and he, along with other podcasters, were also banned to deliver podcasting during general election in the following month.

Actually, this is my second time to meet mrbrown. I met him for the first time last year when he attended Indonesia’s Pesta Blogger (blogger party) in Jakarta. He was one of five foreign bloggers invited to the country’s annual blogger gathering. [He will also come down to Jakarta later this month to attend this year’s Pesta Blogger].

He described himself as an “author of a popular Singapore website, mrbrown.com that has been documenting the dysfunctional side of Singapore life since 1997.”

Wikipedia described him as “a Singaporean blogger well known for his social and political commentary amidst Singapore’s tight media restrictions. Affectionately known by many as Singapore’s “Blogfather”, mrbrown is one of the more notable bloggers in the Singaporean blogosphere. His podcast attracts some 20,000 downloads per day. In 2007, mrbrown was the only Singaporean to make it to the World Business Magazine’s annual list of Top 20 Asian Progressives…”

Today, he keeps blogging and video-casting consistently. He even successfully developed his personal branding and playing a certain role in the country’s creative industry. He got plenty projects in podcasting and video-blogging as well as other multimedia and creative activities, from private companies and even, the government’s agencies. “Anyone can come asking me doing a certain project and I will be happy doing it as long as I can run it independently.”

What’s the secret recipe behind his survival and success? “Keep creating content,” he told me. “I always keep writing, blogging and video blogging. Popularity is not everything, I must say. Despite I once got the limelight in the national news at the moment, I never stop there.”

That’s all? No. “Do your job professionally. Create something concrete.  Think as a long-term cooperation and relationships. And everyone will love you,” he said.

He also often invited to attend the international events abroad. “They treated me equally like the mainstream media. Love it.”

That’s what blogger can learn from mrbrown –an inspiring person. Not only because of his popularity, but the most important thing that, he is a creative and hard-working person.  That’s the point.

Keep up the great work, mrbrown!


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