We are all human aggregators now!


This is my daily habit on Twitter: skim the timelines, look for the breaking news (mostly tech news), fave it, retweet it and blog it — whenever possible. At the same time, my followers also read it and –hopefully– retweet it and blog it, too.

Surfing the Web has become even more of a challenge as more content appears online. We are asked to navigate any number of new obstacles when finding new content: which site should I click through to read the latest earthquake news? How many blogs should I check on a daily basis? What if I miss something? Do I read the comments everywhere, too? Which social network should I update in the morning, noon or night? The list goes on.

But we are solving the problem, through our aggregation. We’ve reduced the fear of missing something important because we share “controlled serendipity” with others and they with us. And without this collective discovery online, I couldn’t imagine trying to cull the tens of thousands of new links and stories that appear in the looking glass on a daily basis.

We are all human aggregators now.

[via NYT]





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