Viki on smart TV platform!


CNET wrote a review on Samsung Smart TV, and highlighted Viki’s video-on-demand app, which “sets Samsung apart from its competitors” since  Viki offers “100 full-length movies and dramas from Hong Kong, Korea and India, as well as a handful of US classics such as the A-Team. Most of the clips we tested, streamed quite smoothly and offered DVD quality visuals and handy subtitles.”

Viki is a global video site with movies & TV series, translated into 150+ languages by fans.  “It’s content arbitrage. We take content that is trapped in one country, and share it with others. People elsewhere will be seeing it for the first time. Playful Kiss proved to be a false negative – that is, it did badly in its home country, but outside Korea, it performed very well,” Viki CEO and co-founder Razmig Hovaghimian said.

[Disclaimer: I am working at Viki]


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