ViKi debuts iPhone app!


International video site for world TV series and movies translated in 100+ languages by its community Viki is debuting a new iPhone app called ViKi On-The-Go [iTunes link].

The 2011 Crunchies Award winner and SXSW Accelerator Top 3 Finalist is also partnering up with Samsung to develop an Android app for the company’s tablets in Southeast Asia.

ViKi is also working on content partnerships with BBC Worldwide, Netflix and Hulu.

“I think Viki’s real power is as a content pipe sending shows to bigger players that it has unlocked from behind the language barrier,” Forbes wrote.

“The Web is so powerful today and the valuations are so high, because it is a billion-person-audience and growing. But more of them speak Chinese than English, and critical masses are developing around Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Bahasa Indonesia and other languages,” Sarah Lacy of TechCrunch added.

Currently, ViKi has more than 8.5 million unique visitors and 36 million total visits in the past month.

[Diclaimer: I am a consultant at ViKi]


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