a Youtube of translated videos


A friend of mine pointed out a cool site recently: –a sharing translation and subtitling platform for streaming video. Now everyone could help the world to understand and enjoy different language videos; just use the Viikii system and start translating and creating subtitles for that. Their community keeps growing and growing. A brilliant idea, right?

The Viikii blog writes:

ViiKii can be a break-through, imagine how you could watch all the fun videos out there in the world, ones you couldn’t even access cuz they were in all these different languages… you can practice language skills, or simply enjoy, and with all the other people doing the same, everyone’d get a step closer to ultimately understanding what goes on out there, and why. For this ‘dream come true,’ we need none other than YOUR help. Every single contribution you make to our ViiKii system, whether it’s just one word or sentence, will pave the way towards the realization of a grand cultural “Silk Road,” transmitting numerous local contents all over the world, beyond language barriers.

A writer of Web 2.0 Asia says:

The site’s reputation system makes translators do a good job, and after a quick spin I find the general quality of translation very good. The site has clean design and has all necessary features like sharing, embedding, comments, etc. You can call this a YouTube of translated videos.

You can contribute your translations skill now!

UPDATE:  Its brand Viikii ( changed recently into Viki (


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