Video portal seeks more contents


It’s quite clear that some video portals are becoming more like “TV”, hunting for more original programming, clips, TV series, movies, classic titles, or even branded shows — in order to make their audience stays longer in the sites.  Whatever works.

Google is expanding original programming push for YouTube:

YouTube says it will put money into more than 60 new “channels” — branded destinations that show a mix of original programming and clips pulled from around the Web. The idea is to make the site more “TV-like” — and convince viewers and advertisers to spend more time and money there.

Hulu adds Nickelodeon shows, renews Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert:

Hulu may have big changes ahead of it, but for now the company is proceeding along the same path: Today it announced it has broadened a deal with Viacom, by adding some of the cable giant’s Nickelodeon shows to its Hulu Plus subscription service.

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