Unofficial Apple iPhone blog launches


Want to know the much anticipated Apple iPhone? has announced the official opening of its Apple iPhone blog. has just announced the opening of its weblog focusing on the much anticipated Apple iPhone. The announcement was made just after the Apple iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs at MacWorld 2007 on the January 09, 2007.

Jenny McKline, founder, believes that the iPhone will follow the same success path as Apple’s iPods. “Designing a community around a very anticipated product and loyal user base just makes sense, look at what happened with the iPod” says McKline. While the weblog is still very new and thin with content, McKline has plans on massive expansions. “Our goal is to expand into more than just a blog. In order to build an effective community we must provide them with the tools to do so. User-generated content is our top priority at this point, and we will leverage it to effectively market our blog virally.”

When asked about financial expectation, McKline states: “I’m as passionate as any other Apple fan, which is why I know our goals won’t be compromised. As far as revenue expectations, there are none. We plan on offering deals through strategic partnerships with Apple, but other than that, the reasoning behind this property was harbored by my passion, not by money.” In addition, McKline is not worried about competition. With no financial goals, her initiatives are only to build an honest, loyal user base.

Weblogs have log been the common ground for everyday people to express their passion, concerns, or even dispassion, about specific organizations. In this case, McKline will be focusing specifically on one product, the Apple iPhone, which is scheduled to release sometime in Q3 this year. If the iPhone follows the same trends as the iPod, we have yet to see well over 100 new weblogs launching in under one years time. Link


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