Twitter to launch its URL shortener, Amazon goes pro with Bit.Ly


URL shortener thing is really a big deal, thanks to the needs to the microblogging services, mobile phones and any kind of manual text-entry. It’s “a renaissance in the age of Twitter,” according to Danny Sullivan. URL shortening is a technique where a provider makes a web page available under a very short URL in addition to the original address.

Twitter has just announced that it will be launching its own URL shortener, while Amazon has launched it’s own shortened URL,, powered by’s new Pro service.

By the way, how useful of the URL shortener for you? Which shortening service did you use frequently?


  1. It is almost as if the guys at Twitter just woke up and realize people are actually using their service.That, or they just want to piss off their app developers.

  2. @ Budi Putra: I use in every case except my automated Tweets that are done with Posterous and

  3. pak budip, i use from google. it’s very practical–beloved URL shortener. it’s more practical than others. but only used in google chrome. it’s an extention (called add-ons in mozilla) i only need to click the extention-button once, and voila! i get the shortened URL :) b4 using this, i loved tinyURL btw

  4. @negratna in Chrome I do not need to even click a button, I use Smart Shortcuts with Sharaholic ( If I need to shorten something it is to Twitter it, if not, to Delicious it – both are done with a shorcut

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