Top five speakers in India under INR 5,000


shutterstock_onlinevideoIf you’ve ever wanted to boost the overall sound quality of your home theatre system, you’d definitely need the best speakers to complement it. The major problem faced by most customers is not the lack of speakers, but the lack of speakers that suit a customer’s budget. Listed below are the top five speakers that are priced below INR 5000.

Phillips SPA2341 2.1 

The Philips SPA2341 2.1 is one of the most top-rated speakers in India. It is designed to match the amazing quality of the sound it delivers. This speaker’s sub-woofer enhances the bass by making it much deeper and you have the liberty to manually control the levels. It is also compatible with the most common and widely used audio sources such as music, games, movies and Internet audio sources. All you need to do is connect the speakers to your PC/Laptop, CD player, TV, MP3 player or smartphone.

The sub-woofer is housed in a wooden casing, which accelerates the Bass performance and the stability of the sound. It weighs just 3.18 Kg and possesses a frequency response of 35-20 KHz. The music power offered by this Philips speaker set is 60 W, while its output power is 2 x 8 W. It also comes with a power indication mechanism.  The Philips SPA 2341 2.1 comes with one years’ warranty.

Circle Soul 2.0 Speaker                                    

The Circle Soul 2.0 speakers are one of the handiest speakers available. It is compact and light in weight. It is best suited for usage with a laptop or a PC. The USB Powered Security Cert FCC and CE allow you to connect it through its USB cable to your PC or Laptop. These speakers also don’t require any external power source, which means you can directly connect it to your PC/Laptop, and you can enjoy your music even during power cuts. These speakers are for those who want the output power to be 2 W RMS, which doesn’t cause any extra load to your system. These speakers come with a USB Cable, which you can connect to your laptop. The frequency response of the Circle Soul 2.0 is in the range of 200-20,000 Hz. Some of the operating systems supported by these speakers include Windows 2000 and later, Mac OS X 10x, and iOS. The input power of these speakers is 5V and it comes with a power indicator as well.

Edifier M1380 2.1 Speakers

This speaker is designed for people who love listening to music, as a daily part of their lives. It maintains its stability in high volumes as well. The Wired Remote Control of this speaker set allows you to regulate the volume. These speakers also have a power button and an LED. The Bass Trimmer of this device enables you to set the bass according to your taste. You can also stabilize the woofer in terms of bass, when you play it in a loud volume.  You can easily connect these Edifier speakers to your hardware.  This set of speakers has a wooden casing, in which the sub-woofer is enclosed.

Some of the controls featured on this device include Mute, Volume, Bass, and Power. The total output of these speakers is 28 W, while its signal to noise ratio is 85 dB. It also features a headphone jack. The input power of these speakers is 100-240 V. 

F&D F680 2.1 Speakers

This Speaker is designed for those who love bass, with its popularity increasing with time. It comes with Built-in AVR that automatically regulates voltage. You can connect it easily to your hardware, without any prior settings to your system. The Class D amplifier offers efficient power design. The total power output of these speakers is 70 W RMS, and it comes with two satellites of 17.5 W RMS each. Despite it not having a USB port, this speaker set has a headphone jack and a power indicator.

Creative SBS A335 2.1 Speakers

Creative speaker is best suited for uncompressed audio files. It delivers a clear sound, giving you a cinematic experience. It comes with wired remote control and bass level control, which enhance the sound quality of these speakers. The total sound output of the Creative SBS A335 2.1 speakers is 21 W RMS, while its sub-woofer’s maximum output is 11W RMS. The frequency response of these speakers is in the range of 45 and 20,000 Hz. The signal to noise ratio of the Creative SBS A335 2.1 speakers is 75 dB.

While there are several speakers in the Indian market for you to choose from, these are the best that you can buy on a budget. So if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and bringing home a new speaker set, going through this list would have definitely helped clear things up.


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