Top 5 YouTube videos in 2013


YouTube_Play_button_shutterstock_152382590Looking out for the top 5 YouTube Videos of 2013? Well, here is a list of it.

5. Charlie Bit My Finger-Again!

Surprised not to see a music video here? Well, can’t blame you considering the trend.

In the viral-video “Charlie Bit My Finger-Again!”, two English brothers Harry Davie -Carr (3 years old) and Charlie Davies-Carr (1 year old), present a 56 seconds video in which Harry playfully inserts his finger in Charlie’s mouth. Charlie bites him really hard. Harry keeps on shrieking “Ouch! It hurts” whereas Charlie keeps on giggling. The cute duo have a perfect sense of timing which makes this video adorable as well as funny.

Currently, this video has 611,896,988 views making it the 5th most popular video on YouTube.

4. Love The Way You Lie- Eminem featuring Rihanna

After reaching 630,464,670 hits, Love The Way You Lie has captured the 4th position of this countdown.

This is a hip hop song from Eminem’s album Recovery. In this video, Rihanna and Eminem sing about relationship problems from the point of view of both sexes. They have creatively used a burning house to describe the problems that the couple is facing. Rihanna’s engaging voice and Eminem’s aggressive rap makes this video a must watch.

3. On The Floor- Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull

The next place in the countdown has been taken by Jennifer Lopez’s “On the Floor” music video with 711,310,848 hits.

On the floor is an up-tempo dance song sung by Jennifer Lopez for her album “Love”. Jennifer Lopez’s soothing voice along with Pitbull’s rap with a tempo of 130 beats per minute makes it a perfect party song. In the music video, J Lo is seen portraying different roles in the Las Vegas- style dance floor along with Pitbull. The whole idea behind the video is to show the partying side of J Lo.

2. Baby- Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris

The 2nd position in this countdown has been conquered by Justin Bieber’s music video “Baby” by acquiring 942,056,650 hits. Not surprising right?

Baby is an up-tempo song that combines together dance-pop and hip-hop elements. The effective lyrics and chorus sung by Justin Bieber along with the urban twist brought by Ludacris makes this song a favorite of millions. Most of the video shows scenes in bowling alley where Justin is trying to woo his girl. It is said that this music video is a modern version of Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”.

1. Gangnam Style – PSY

This video went viral the moment it was released. It received 1,839,220,322 hits and surpassed Justin Bieber’s music video “Baby”, thus, becoming the most popular video in YouTube. [Can’t see the KPop things went this far! :-)]

This music video features a song sung by South Korean musician PSY. “Gangnam Style” refers to a lifestyle associated with the Gangnam District of Seoul. Watching PSY’s hilarious dance moves along with the catchy beats of this song will force you to get up and start dancing.

— Selahsiru

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