Top 5 photo sharing apps for Android users


instagramMany people use their smartphone as their primary camera. Statistics show that back in 2011, 27% of photos captured and uploaded on the web were taken by smartphones. Now that other mobile devices such as a tablet have joined in, we can assume that these photos have increased in number.

With this increase also comes a rise in photo sharing apps. Other than sharing images, these apps were designed for other purposes such as storage and photo syncing. Here are the top photo sharing apps that you must have on your Android device.

1. Instagram

No doubt, Instagram is the hottest photo sharing app these days. You can upload countless photos and only share them with followers that you have approved. Aside from that, other features are available to provide a rich user experience. For instance, you can now link it with other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Also, there are editing features that are unique to Instagram.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is the ultimate free solution for sharing large-size files and photo albums. Initially, you’ll have 2GB of free storage. You can increase this storage space by referring other users, or by upgrading your account. Aside from images, you can also use Dropbox as one of the top productivity apps to upload and share videos and documents.

3. Facebook Camera

With powerful built-in features, Facebook can rival Instagram as the world’s best photo-sharing app. You can navigate through your network’s feeds to browse their latest photos. You can also upload multiple photos at once, and edit your existing images. You can crop them and even add effects similar to Instagram’s.

4. Google Plus

Google Plus is enjoying a surge in popularity in the past few years. But to elevate it to Instagram or Facebook status, Google Plus has to offer more unique features to convince everyone to make that switch. Based on the app’s features, it looks like Google Plus is on the right track. If you download the app, you’ll get the following unique features: 5GB of free storage, Instant Upload (for photos and videos), and many more.

5. Flickr

Flickr has features that you can find in Instagram such as social network integration, but the real power of Flickr is the communities that share a common interest. If you want to meet people who have a passion for traveling, for instance, Flickr is the best place to be in.

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