Top 5 latest technologies in swivel TV


swivel-TV-mountA swivel TV mount is usually a mechanical device that allows you to adjust the position of your flat TV with great ease. This adjustment offers maximum comfort during watching TV from various positions while you are performing other activities.

There are many types of mounts available, such as the wall mounted models that are especially designed for LCD or Liquid Crystal display and plasma TVs; table top models that are designed to hold CRT or Cathode ray tube televisions. The wall mounted swivel TVs come in two designs, such as the rod and sphere. These two models of the mounts allow you to keep the television on the wall by rotating the vertical and horizontal axis.

All these models of Swivel TV are equipped with an array of technologies. That is why they have become extremely popular in comparison to the rest.

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Adjustable and rotating arm handles

The swivel TV Mounts are designed with an innovative single or double arm handle that allows you to keep the TV in any direction or height based on your requirements. These arms are made with durable materials. Thus, they can extend, retract, swivel fully and tilt to offer you a better visibility. This will help you watch TV even if you are in another room. Moreover, if some guests come to your house, they also can see the television properly. These arms also allow you to tilt it effortlessly just with your fingertip.

Effective cable management solution

If the walls of your abode have a cluttered look with all those wires and cables hanging here and there, then these TV Mounts can offer a neat look. The effective cable management solutions can conceal the cables by keeping them safely within, route them effectively and protect the cables from all kinds of damages. This way, your living room will get a beautiful and neat look.

Thin profile positioning system

The swivel TV mount ensures that it places the TV in such a position that it enhances the ultra thin profile of the LCDs or LEDs. In addition to this, this mount holds the TV in such a way that the TV emerges just 1.27″ from the wall even after retracting. You can keep it even in unusual position to match the decor of your home.

Ability to rotate TV positions

Soon after you install the swivel TV mount, you can rotate it right or left to ensure it perfectly syncs with the surroundings of your house. This will help you make sure that it is perfectly installed. So, you don’t have to worry for clear cut viewing anymore.

Unique glide system

The gliding technology of the swivel TV Mounts enables you to extend the TV from the wall as and when you require. You can also shift it to the right and left on its wall plate as the gliding system allows you to slide the television properly and securely. If the mounts are properly placed, they can easily hold your LED and plasma TV and keep it intact for longer time period.

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  1. Cable management is my real issue with the swivel mounts. I try to have as little cable as possible but that limits the range of motion for the tv.

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