Top 5 funny Asian YouTubers


Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 2.36.18 PMYouTube is one of the most popular sites today. It has a lot of viewers and members as well. I couldn’t agree more. I, myself is always looking for funny YouTube videos whenever I surf on the Internet, and the good news there are plenty of them.

However, there are some that have always been the favorites of many – the Asian YouTubers! Yes, it seems that Asians are the ones dominating the YouTube world – I couldn’t complain because they are so talented and entertaining.

But Why Asian Youtubers and not any other? Well, maybe because Asian people have a lot of sense of humor. The way they deliver their jokes are really entertaining. Here are some of the must-watch Funny Asian YouTubers today.


With more than 9 million subscribers, no doubt Nigahiga is the top and most famous Asian American YouTube channel around. Ryan Higa with his undeniably unique individuality and unexceptional talent, he has been constantly funny for the past 5 years. He’s wit made him the most subscribed channel. One of my favorite YouTube video he created is titled How to be Gangster?

Freddie Wong

Freddie Wong or also known as FREDDIEW is the number 2 on our list. From being a special effect guru, his YouTube channel has now hit 5.8 million subscribers. What makes Freddie Wong channel interesting is his consistent use of guns and special effects. You can even found tutorial videos on how you can be an aspiring special effect gurus just like him.


The third person on our list is no other than KevJumba who’s bedroom rants have led him to become one of the most recognized and popular YouTube celebrities. You can check his channels and learn why he became a crowd favorite. He also joined Amazing Race with his dad who is a constant guest on his videos too.

Timothy DeLaGhetto

Next we have Timothy DeLaGhetto aka Traphik at number 4 on our list, and why not like Traphik? He has a good sense of humor and he has a peculiar individuality which make him liked by many. Traphik is definitely not your typical Asian American guy! He has a more hiphop urban influence that shines through in his videos. In fact, he currently had his own show on MYX TV, an Asian American channel on cable.

Happy Slip

Last but not the least, Happyslip. A female Filipino-American entertainer who makes skits with her hilarious family in mind. She also use Filipino skits and funny Tagalog expressions most of the times. Now with 790,000 subscribers on her channel, Happy slip is undeniably one of the funniest Asian YouTuber around. Her Happyslip name originated on a phrase that her grandmother always tells her when she was young “Be sure to wear your half slip” which sounded like Happy slip because her grandmother is Filipino and has a different accent.

There you have it! The top Asian YouTubers of all time. They always give me laughter whenever I’m down or bored. It is especially handy whenever I am on a long trip and just using my wireless Internet. So I bet you will enjoy them too! Of course, there are many more Asian YouTubers because Asians rule the technology world. And who knows if you are Asian and reading this, you can be the next Asian Youtube superstar!

About the author: Marie Felipe, blogger from the Philippines.


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