Top 5 accessories for the Apple iPhone 5s


The iPhone 5s has surpassed its preceding models in several features and appearance but is that enough? Maybe not! If you are the owner of the fancy and shiny new iPhone 5s and want to add a pinch of features to your phone then all you need is a few additional accessories. Just like you, your iPhone 5s too needs accessories to enhance its aesthetics as well as its performance. With the wide range of accessories available in the market, choosing the best can be a problem, read on ahead and find out the best solutions:

1)    ShockDrop cases

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All Apple products require a lot of care, especially if you have the habit of constantly dropping your phone. A ShockDrop case keeps the fragile iPhone 5s intact even on impact. The case has about 10mm of shock absorbing Silicon protection at the corners thinning out to 3.5mm, making it less bulky. For saving the sensitive touch screen, the case is provided with a semi-rigid protective screen. The case also has convenient port covers and moulded-in volume controls. With the amazing protection, a reasonable price and appealing appearance, the ShockDrop cover prepares the iPhone 5s for hard knocks.

2)    ULTIMA Car Mount

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For a quick look at your phone while behind the wheel, the ULTIMA car mount accessory for the iPhone 5s is a must. It can easily be stuck to the dashboard or the windshield based on your preference. The accessory provides a 360-degree rotation for comfortable and intuitive usage. As far as the aesthetics are concerned, this car mount has rubber padding and an aluminium body perfectly complementing the sleek and shiny iPhone 5s. The locking lever and the strong suction cup ensure that your precious iPhone is safe. Furthermore, the advanced intuitive clamping technology provides the most accurate and incremental adjustment, fitting the phone perfectly in the mount.  Using your phone in the car could not have been easier!

3)    Mophie Power station Duo

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The iPhone 5s surely has wonderful features but the short battery life is a glitch in an otherwise amazing model. This accessory allows you to transfer some juice from your other devices like smartphones, tablets or other Apple devices to your iPhone 5s phone. The unmatched 6000mAh battery capacity, super high-output charging speed with the two port USB setup, this portable Power station Duo weighing just 11.9oz is an amazing accessory which quite literally powers the iPhone 5s. Even though this particular accessory is slightly pricey, but it is totally worth the money.

4) Denon AH-C400 Music Maniac

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The iPhone 5s come with an amazing pair of Ear Pods but the Music Maniac is an accessory capable of personifying music. The best feature offered exclusively by the Music Maniac is the Dual Balanced Armature Drivers encased in a housing of die-cast Zinc, tuned to a Flat EQ. This feature ensures delivery of studio-quality performance with an unobtrusive in-ear form factor. A small yet significant feature of these earphones is the double layer jacket cable which solves the problem of tangled cables. Detangling made easy. The specially designed in-line remote and microphone on the Denon Music Maniac ensures speech clarity. All in all the Music Maniac is a must have accessory (at least for the music fanatic at heart)!

5)    iPhone SLR Mount

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For all the budding photographers, the quality of the iPhone 5s camera clicks may be impressive but with an SLR mount the quality can be improved substantially. There are basically two choices of SLR mount- the Canon EOS and Nikon lens mounts. The simple mount successfully combines features of telephoto, wide angle and macro. That’s not all, the SLR mount is light and portable which means you can click the most beautiful moments in an almost professional way. The strap available with the SLR mount gives the feel of using an actual SLR camera, completing the SLR experience.

There is no denying that the Apple iPhone 5s price is quiet high, along with the added charge of accessories may seem like a damper. One thing to remember is that there are several options in terms of accessories but some of these accessories just enhance the entire feel of the phone and make the iPhone experience better than it already is!

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