Top 10 Posts of 2008


Thanks for all my readers who frequently come, read and leave comments here. It’s nice to talk with you here. I promise to keep writing and posting.

Here is the Top 10 Posts during this year:

  1. Offbeat Guides: Create your own travel guide in five minutes!
  2. Twitter: Witnessing Obama in 140 characters
  3. Citizen-funded community journalism
  4. Five foreign bloggers join Indonesia’s Blogging Trip
  5. Mumbai attacks reported live on Twitter, Flickr, YouTube
  6. Once upon a time in Salihara art center
  7. Stupidity in the new media era?
  8. BOBs jury-member restricted from leaving China
  9. We need blog as well as Twitter, Facebook
  10. I’m Bond. James Bond. And Facebook member!

Happy New Year 2009!


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